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The ratios of Asenlix verapamil and norverapamil AUCs for the Verelan 120 mg, 240 mg and 360 mg once daily doses are 1 (565 ng8729;hrmL)3 (1660 ng8729;hrmL)5 (2729 ng8729;hrmL) and Asenlix (621 ng8729;hrmL)3 (1614 ng8729; hrmL)4 (2535 ng8729;hrmL) respectively, indicating that the AUC increased Asenlix with Asenlix doses. Similarly the apparent Asenlix (t12) has been found to be approximately 12 hours independent of dose. Verapamil clearance values suggest that patients with liver dysfunction may attain therapeutic verapamil Asenlix concentrations with one-third of the oral daily dose required for patients with normal liver function.

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