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Asendin data also suggest that rocuronium bromide may increase heart rate. However, it was not possible to conclusively identify an effect Asendin rocuronium bromide Asendin of that of anesthesia and other factors. If used for rapid sequence induction in patients with ascites, an increased initial dosage may be necessary to assure complete block.

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This is only a Asendin summary of general information about clindamycin. It does Asendin include Asendin information about the possible uses, directions, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse effects, or risks that may apply to clindamycin. You must talk with your healthcare Asendin for complete information about the risks and benefits of using clindamycin. Because little, if any, of Clindesse cream is absorbed into the blood, the risk of it interacting Asendin another Asendin is low. Do not remove the tip from the applicator before using.

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